FREE Desktop Backgrounds

Personalize your computer desktop and escape to one of several Nicklaus-designed courses found in the United States or abroad. Brighten each day with the scenic beauty of courses such as Muirfield Village Golf Club or The Bear's Club.

Remind yourself of the pleasures the game of golf offers each time you step onto the first tee with your Jack Nicklaus Golf Calendar wallpaper.

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Photographers whose work is annually selected to appear in the Jack Nicklaus Golf Calendar are among the elite in their class and imagery style. Photos from such widely recognized professionals as Evan Schiller, Joann Dost, John and Jeannine Henebry, Jim Mandeville, and Dick Durrance have appeared in the calendar along with those of Nicklaus Design staff photographer, Jim Mandeville.

Selections are based upon criteria such as how a golfer would play the hole tee-to-green, a course's location, course grand openings, and even for a golf hole's WOW-Factor.

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